Bad, Bad Day

I woke up today to quite a bit of screaming. Karen was having some trouble with the dogs this morning and considering everyone’s been a bit on edge lately I think she’s close to her breaking point considering Candy’s current health. Princess doesn’t help the situation very much either, she’s a stubborn little dog who thinks she’s capable of accomplishing just about everything and considering the fact that Candy isn’t doing too well, Princess will still knock her over trying to get to the bedroom if Karen is heading in there with food for Candy. Princess will eat just about ANYTHING and hurt you if you’re holding it by lunging towards your hand with teeth fully charged to bite at it.

So she did quite a bit of yelling, I noticed that she’d only had about two cups of coffee (at most) so I’m sure she’s a bit groggy today considering she usually needs about 3 just to leave the house to go to work in the morning. I hope she’s doing OK. She just called, every thing’s fine.

It’s also pouring today, something I could appreciate any other day but it’s hard to hold my attention on such a gloomy day. Either way I have a goal to meet and damn it I will.

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