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For a little while now I’ve been looking into Small Business Funding, mainly because of my current working situation. I’m barely making the bills so finding a loan to help me out would really be the best thing for me. I can handle breaking even every month, it would just be nice to have enough money to treat myself to the things I really need when designing for clients.

A big expense of mine is anything computer based. I’m pretty strong with my preference to use a Mac. Unfortunately having a windows based laptop can get annoying when you’d really prefer to be on the Mac but you’re on the move, so naturally one of the first things I’d look into is a Macbook Pro. I know that a standard MacBook isn’t that bad but I personally prefer a larger screen to work on as well… probably my reason for purchasing a 20″ iMac and not even considering the 17″. Not that there’s anything wrong with them but I’m all about living large when it comes to displays – you know?

Another thing that I really go through is sketch pads. I visualize everything before I even get to boot Photoshop so in order to keep those ideas fresh in my mind I tend to work a notebook and draw it out first. I scribble everything from the small details with shading and curves and even go as far as listing the HEX codes only because they’re fresh in my mind at the time of initially thinking of the template. I’ve found that if I get the idea in my head first – it goes much quicker when I begin doing it in Photoshop and even quicker when Dreamweaver is booted. Those are two programs that I keep frequently updated, again another expense.

Meeting up with a client is equally as important to my process so having the means to do so helps as well. So with any Small Business Funding I can find I’ll use it towards paying off my current personal loan so I can then afford to purchase a new car. Sean’s is great and all but getting my own would be more beneficial to my work. I won’t have to search for keys on an overcrowded desk.

So I’ve been looking into companies and the one of interest at the moment is ASF Loans. They have a few different options but of course I’d focus on Small Business Funding. They have no application fees, no hidden charges and some of the lowest rates for unsecured loans in the country. You can borrow anywhere from $10k to $150k and receive it within 24-48 hours of being approved. I have to say that sounds pretty good to me.


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