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Sean and I are really hoping that I can find a job where I’m bringing in about $30,000 a year (minimum) so we can work towards getting out of here. Unfortunately for Delaware that’s a bit on the high-end, but that doesn’t mean it’s not something to look forward to. We’ve been looking into a few different property types as well, just to figure out where we’re going to need to budget our money, and how much we’re going to need to budget for.

A big thing about everything down here is the lack of appliances in the apartments and rental homes, even though there are hook-ups for just about everything. Naturally the rentals include a refrigerator and a range but what they do not include 99% of the time is a washing machine or a dryer, even though they provide hook-ups for them. I guess I can understand that from a sanitation stand-point but I have to say it’s going to be pretty strange having to purchase either of these items and then take them with us with the next move, in hopes that there is a hook-up in our next place. We don’t plan on moving very often but the initial move of getting out of his mother’s home will be the “big step” in our relationship. After that we hope to make our final move to a new home and that would require a mortgage and a few years worth of paychecks being banked to our savings account.

I like to think ahead though, so I’ve been looking around the web at numerous different retailers in hopes to find the best pricing. I’ve gotten pretty lucky in my search too.

I typically find myself going through the more well-known companies. This includes Sears, Best Buy and even P.C. Richard. I was lucky enough to find a new company (new to me, at least) called ABT. They’ve been around since 1936 and have a very wide range of products. Everything from your basic appliances, to computers and mobile electronics. They even offer furniture, this is literally a one-stop-shopping kind of website when it comes to everything you’d need to furnish your new home, or apartment.

As far as furniture is concerned, it’s furniture that’s focused around the appliances, electronics and media i your home. They have very reasonably priced TV stands and even leather recliners but you’re not going to find a coffee table and big comfy fabric couch, they do offer leather seating though. I personally prefer fabric, it doesn’t get as warm and you’re not going to wax your legs if you sit for too long in shorts and need to spring up quickly out of your seat for something important.

I did enjoy looking through their TV & Video section. They have everything you could possibly want in a television, as well as accessories, and you can very easily sort your options to get exactly what you’re looking for. I personally prefer LCD Flat Panel televisions, there’s nothing too great about Plasma screens in my opinion so naturally I overlooked them.

After searching through this site in all of their categories I’ve found that their pricing really did blow me away. There’s numerous different products that are all listed for much lower than one would spend at say Sears or Best Buy (for example) and there is also a few sales going on that blew me away as well. A key example is a Sharp LDC HDTV, it’s list price is $1300, in the cart it’s $1198. For a 37″ television? Not a bad price at all!

Another key feature for me is it’s Review options on all products. You can read what current owners have to say about not only this website, but about the products that you have in common as well. It’s a great resource for all things electronic, I’d highly recommend checking them out for yourself.


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