A little extreme?

I have to say I’m a bit shocked about the news I found on MSNBC this afternoon. I missed part one of the story but part two told me more than I really needed to know.

You walk into Best Buy with a mission to purchase a new laptop to use for work. You pay a little over $1,100 which includes a $300 warranty in case something goes wrong with it. A few months later your on/off switch is broken and you, under warranty, bring it back to Best Buy to have it fixed. From there you spend about 6 months before ever hearing anything truthful about where your laptop’s status lays. Why? Because more than likely an employee of Best Buy has stolen the laptop from a secured back room and after 3 months of emails, phone calls and letters you’re told that it’s lost.

So what do you do? You file a $54 Million Lawsuit with Best Buy in hopes to make up for the fact that not only have you lost thousands of dollars worth of music but you’ve also lost thousands of important photos and did I forget to mention all of your TAX INFORMATION?

They then offer you $2500 to shut up and buy a new laptop. Yea, how well is that going to work out for them? While you may never win the case, you’re still going to fight it for as long as you possibly can.


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