Wasn’t thinking straight…

iBackupI still can’t find any headphones anywhere but I’m still floating around on last.fm in hopes to find something good. Unfortunately there’s nothing online at the moment that’s even remotely interesting to me. I can’t find half the bands I listen to and there’s no way in heck I’m going to float around on myspace and have to deal with all of the noisy random banner ads that pop in and out of the screen. I can understand wanting to make money off of your website, but the company sold for like $50,000,000 – how in heck are you still getting away with the ads? ::ugh::

Part of me wishes that I logged into my ibackup.com account before I left and uploaded a few songs just to get me by. I don’t sit for more than two hours a pop anyway, so why not use my online storage so I can at least have half of the things I so desperately need right now. I’m exhausted, this may be why so many sounds are getting to me. But sit next to someone all day with the excessive sniffles and tell me if you can handle it.


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