Vegas Vacation

Sean and I are hoping to take a trip to Las Vegas sometime in our future. For quite some time now we’ve gone to Atlantic City and have floated around places like Harrahs, Ceasers, Showboat, Bally’s and even the Borgata. As of this moment I’m considered a Diamond member, this means that my “freebies” have really skyrocketed to amazing levels and I can get just about everything I could ever dream of. I get offers in the mail where I can fly for free from a Delaware Air Port to Las Vegas and then stay in a comped room for up to three days at any Harrah’s related resort. So that would most certainly include my two favorite casinos, Harrah’s and Ceasers.

Just recently I found out that I can get Cher tickets at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas. The cool thing is that, while many would have to pay for them, I have them comped thanks to being a member of the hotel. So to gloat, while others are spending a few hundred dollars on tickets I’ll get to sit back and relax for free and enjoy the show. I’ve been a fan of hers for many years, probably because my mother listened to her so often while I was growing up. Now that I’m living in Rehoboth Beach, which houses a pretty large population of gay and lesbian couples, you’re thrown into the stereotypical life of listening to Cher and other performers that are held in high regard in their “community”. I’m not trying to sound stereotypical but sometimes there are many members of that community that fall right into it.

Anyway, her show starts in May and as of right now I’m unsure if I’m actually going to make the trip but I’m certainly interested.


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