Self Hypnosis?

Self HypnosisHave you ever read something that kind of made you tip your head to the side and say “Huh?”. I just came across a site with a few topics on self hypnosis and I have to say I’m in one of those ‘huh?’ kind of positions. I’ve heard of hypnosis before but I’ve never seen anyone put themselves under. Wouldn’t you need someone talking to you to bring out the emotions your trying to capture, and then have someone there to help you understand them when you come out of your hypnosis?

The site I’m looking at is There are a few different categories to choose from, everything from self improvement to fears and phobias. Supposedly you can download different sessions and play them on an MP3 player in the privacy of your own home to tap into these emotions. To me it feels more like meditation, which is supposed to help you the same way. So based on what I’ve read here, supposedly meditation is the same thing as self hypnosis. Either way you’re putting yourself in a trance to tap into something important. Whether it be acceptance of yourself, finally removing a fear or a phobia from your mind or even getting over something like panic attacks without having to take medication for it. I found it pretty interesting, I’m unsure of whether or not I’d actually purchase these sessions though. I have enough trouble with meditation because how noisy things can get around here, I doubt I’d be able to go under hypnosis without cross referencing background noise with something I went through when I was five years old.


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