Resolutions to make you think…

It’s officially the New Year and from what I’ve been reading, everyone is hoping to stick to their resolutions. I came across a few blogs today where people were listing the pretty common ones. They’re looking to lose weight, quit smoking, try harder at school or work, try out a new hobby at the first of every month, and so on and so forth. The ones that blew me away – however – was a women talking about saving some extra money for special things this year. At first that didn’t really say anything different to me considering it’s a pretty common resolution. I was taken back when I heard what she was saving for.

She’s an 18 year-old who’s always considered herself the “ugly duckling”. She was tormented for years because of her crooked nose, her plus-sized figure and a mole on her face that she’s convinced is going to traumatize her for the rest of her life. So this year she’s looking to save up about $20,000 and considering she’s an aspiring accountant in college I’m unsure of how easy that’s going to be for her. She’s interested in getting a nose job to correct her crooked nose, thanks to a bad fall as a child, this is typically known as rhinoplasty. She’d also like a mole removal but I’m unsure if that’s cosmetic or if it would require a dermatologist of some sort. However, I’m sure they all work together at some point in time.

For the past few years she’s been on a strict diet, losing about 100lbs. Unfortunately, even with all of the work that she’s done, she still has a bit of extra skin around her stomach and no matter what she does she can’t seem to get rid of some excess fat in her legs. So on top of the rhinoplasty she’s also looking to get a tummy tuck and liposuction.

I’m unsure of how long it’s going to take her, but I do hope she’s able to get everything she’s looking for. I kind of hope that she waits until she’s a little bit older, I want to assume that plastic surgery at such a young age could have some long term effects – but I’m sure if she goes to the right doctor he’ll tell her everything she needs to know.


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