Power Seller

I’ve been poking around on eBay for the last couple of nights. Knowing that I need a new laptop and I’m on a very strict budget I figure I’ll go to the source of all things inexpensive and float around for a little while. I was fortunate to find a listing for a few Intel based laptops that contain no operating system. The price range on them are anywhere from $5 to $200 depending on how close it is to the sale ending. As of right now I have a $1.25 bid on a laptop that contains about 2GB of ram, Intel Dual Core processor and a 15.4-inch monitor with Wi-Fi. Hopefully I’ll be able to win this bid, I set my max to $100, there are about 20 hours left on the auction though so I doubt I’ll get anywhere but it’s worth a shot, right?

I figure, since I have the disk, I’ll install Leopard on it and see how well that works out for me. Someone told me it was possible, another person told me I was crazy. Either way there are plenty of sites online for me to be able to troubleshoot things so hopefully I’ll be able to make this happen. Then for the ripe old price of $100 MAX I’ll have the equivalent of a MacBook Pro.

Nifty, no?


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