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While money is extremely tight right now,  I know that somewhere down the road I’m going to have to look into a new laptop.  While I absolutely love owning a Mac, I feel that having a Windows based computer is an important aspect of design so I’m going to go with a Windows based system.  This leaves me to decide upon Acer, HP, Gateway, Dell or any other company that produces laptops.

So my question is this – What company would you personally recommend for someone who uses their laptop for:

Coding (PHP/XHTML)
Graphics Design (Quick jobs in Photoshop, I do have my iMac for the big stuff)
Surfing/Blogging/E-mail Network

I need to be able to set it up as a PHP Server for a self installation of WordPress so I can test my themes.  This also goes for B2, Movable Type and any other blog platform I happen to be working with.

Which company would you personally recommend?

I know that I want at least 2GB of DDR, XP Professional or Vista (I actually enjoy Vista now), 128 minimum graphics card.

I’m only looking to spend about $1,000 (at the absolute most)

This will be something I purchase within the next six month, so hopefully anything out NOW will be a bit cheaper at the rate of change in electronics.

Any suggestions?

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