Networking with Vista

For Christmas I bought a new computer for my father.  He was on an older Compaq with Windows XP.  After fiddling with a few wires and changing things out, he’s now setup on a new Acer system (new 17″LCD and everything) with Windows Vista Home Basic.  At home we were able to finally get Vista and XP to work on the file sharing as well as printer sharing aspects of things.  Unfortunately that isn’t the case at my fathers house because we’re unsure of what settings we changed at home in order to make all sharing possible.

Sean was able to share the Vista based printer so that it works with his existing XP setup.  I’m still having trouble networking the Mac so I can access the printer, but I am able to share and edit files on all computers (XP, OS X Tiger and Vista based), so at least I know something is possible.

It’s a good thing we’re staying here for a few extra days.  I think this is going to be the only way we’re able to accomplish getting the “Sharing” option working for everyone again.


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