Magnetic Diet?

Magnetic DietMagnetic Diet I’m sure this would be better suited on my weight loss domain but I’m confident that it will gain more exposure here so naturally this is where the post is going to go. For quite some time now I’ve been dieting, I’ve been lucky enough to lose about 50 pounds and I still have a bit to go before I can get down to my absolute goal weight of 150lbs. Many people would want to say that 150 is overweight but considering I’ve always been a big girl, being super thin really isn’t a comfortable option for me. Up until this point I haven’t really been on any specific diet plan, I’ve dabbled in a few different techniques but I’ve finally settled on the route where I’m eating 4 small portioned meals during the day and in between two of them I’m having a small snack, usually some kind of a whole-grain bar and the diet itself is rather low sodium. After that I’m only drinking water but occasionally I’ll have a glass of wine because supposedly it aids in weight loss, it also helps with the heart.

But this point I’m sure you’re asking; Where is this coming from? I’ve found something new that seems pretty interesting to me. It’s called the Magnetic Diet, the site has numerous resources for everyone no matter what diet plan you’re looking to go on. Everything from the Zone Diet to ones specifically for those with Diabeties. It’s worth checking out, trust me.

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