MacBook Air

Recently Apple introduced it’s new MacBook Air. It weighs about three pounds and based on Apple’s description, it sets the new standard in ultra-portable computing. Screen sizes range on the small side, I’m personally a fan of laptops that are 15.4″ and up. The largest screen you can get with the new MacBook Air is 13.3-inch widescreen. With a full sized keyboard you wouldn’t really notice much of a difference in typing. The wireless has been upgraded as well. Something that caught my eye was the Remote Disk option, you can use the DVD or CD drive off of a nearby Mac or Windows PC to access files. This made me wonder why someone would want to do that and then I read that there’s no Disk Drive on the new Mac Air. Now, why would someone want to spend more money on something that’s got less resources? For $1650 you can get a very nice setup with a Intel Core 2 Duo processor at 1.6GHz, 2GB of ram, 80GB hard drive, and the built in wi-fi. For $1499 you can pick up a 13-inch 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 160GB hard drive and a Double-layer SuperDrive, and the system itself only weighs a few pounds more.

Why in gods name would one waste the money?

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