I’ve made my choice.

Before I finally went to sleep last night I made the final choice of what I’m going to do with the printer.  Since all of the drivers work properly, and I now know that my sister can easily view the living room computer – I went ahead and ordered ink for the printer.  I originally started on sites like staples.com and microcenter.com because that’s where I would typically purchase my ink.  I then realized that I’ve written about websites around the Internet whom offer the same ink at much cheaper prices.

At first I was going to go through inkers.biz, they have pretty affordable pricing but I was unable to locate the model I needed so I took another route.  I went through my krissy.nu archives and found a post I wrote back in April of 2007 in regards to officesupplyoutfitters.com.  I was able to find all four of the cartridges I need for only $7.50 a piece.  Naturally, not knowing how long I was going to be in New York, I sent for Overnight Shipping so that turned my $30 total into $58 but that’s OK because I hope to have it here by Monday at the latest.  Supposedly items are shipped out same-day if they’re submitted before noon on their workday.  If I see nothing from them by tomorrow afternoon I’ll send over an email to support and see what happens from there.

I’ll have a valid review of the company after it’s been more than 24 hours, obviously.


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