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A few weeks ago Sean and I went up to Atlantic City to take quick weekend vacation. Unfortunately we didn’t win any money and came in just under breaking even so while it was a loss financially, it was still nice to get out of the house for a few days. Since then I’ve been itching to get back there, so much so that I’ve been pushing Sean to bring me back up for Valentines day. I’m not sure if that’s actually going to happen but it’s nice to look forward to it of course. Since then I’ve been floating around online and playing at all of the free casino based websites to get my fix. It would be nice to win some real money but I’m not going to push it. There’s no point in spending money since I’d like to bank it for Valentines day (if he brings me up, of course). I did a Google search for some newer casino sites (well, new to me at least) and came across a site with Casino Games Online called Commodore Casino. They have quite a few interesting things though. They’ve got 3D Gaming. Everything from a new 3D horse racing game and even a brand new 3D slot called Arctic Adventure. They’re working on releasing a golf and soccer target slot as well. There are a few new games you can view upcoming games by going to their website and poking around. I linked the PDF directly for those whom are too impatient to poke around, heh.


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