I’m someone who likes to decorate, this is going to be the death of me when Sean and I finally do get into our own place. Of course the initial needs of basic furniture to get us by will be the first priority but I also like punches of color here and there and I know that no matter where we wind up we’re either going to have light colored carpets or hardwood floors. Rugs are a pretty big expense but it also depends on where you get them. If I’m going as far as putting one down in an apartment, naturally I’ll go through Wal-Mart and get a cheap one that will last us for as long as it needs to. I don’t personally see the point in spending a lot of money for something that isn’t going to go in a place we own and will be on the floor of a rental with lord knows what else in the room – you know?

I’ve always liked the idea of owning a massive oriental rug but they can get so expensive, you wonder if it’s really worth it for a high-traffic home…you know?  I’ve seen oriental rugs underneath white furniture that’s covered in plastic since no one’s allowed to step foot in the room that typical people would refer to as the “living room”.  I think it’s a shame to have such high-end things that you can’t even live in your own house.

Give me comfort with a punch of color!


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