Eye Sight is going on me…

Lately I’ve noticed that I’m having trouble seeing unless I’m looking at some kind of a brightview LCD monitor. I have no problem seeing on the Mac, I don’t even have trouble on this new monitor. When I’m looking at CRT’s or even TubeTV’s my attention span is null and void because I can’t get my eyes to focus. They keep crossing on me for some reason and then I wonder if I’m just over working these days.

Both Sean and my father have pretty bad eyesight. A few nights ago I put on Sean’s glasses before I put them on the nightstand for him, I could barely see anything in the room. My father’s are the same way, I get an instant headache. I know that they both can definitely get LASIK if they truly wanted to. Unfortunately there isn’t any insurance company that will cover that and it’s pretty damn expensive to pay for out of pocket, you know?

I just hope that this problem isn’t going to get worse.  I truly need to get my eyes taken care of or I’m really going to have some problems down the road, considering my eyes are my biggest employment perk right now, that and my hands.  My brain has been fried for years, but at least I’ve been able to see – you know?

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