European Vacation: Spain

Have you ever been interested in traveling the world? There are quite a few places of interest for me and all of them, oddly enough, fall in Europe. I’ve always had an interest in going to Italy because it’s where my family came from. After that I’ve been itching to get up to Ireland considering I’m more Irish than anything, I’m just unsure of where to start considering my family bounced around for many years before they settled in New York back in the early 1900’s.

Another place of interest for me is Spain, this is probably due to my four years of learning Spanish through High School. There are numerous websites on the Internet where you can find information on just about everything. The big one for me is the cost of the trip, I know that I want to get out there and I’m fully aware of what places I’d like to visit, but resources about hotels in Spain are the most important to me. I’ve looked through almost everything and found a few tourist guide related websites where I can look into information on hotels in Barcelona, hotels in Malaga and even hotels in Palma. All of these locations are high on my list when I do finally get over to Europe so being able to locate them easily online for all of the hotel information, and even the tourist information in general is always a great thing to have. Hopefully I’ll be able to actually plan with these resources, instead of just having them bookmarked for later use.


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  1. i love european vacations because the places in europe are very beautiful `

  2. Do you have any other posts on this topic? It’s just I’m doing some research on it. If you do could you point me to it? I searched but can’t find any. I would appreciate it! Thanks.

  3. european vacations are very exciting sepcially if you got to visit many places at once ;:`

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