Drivers Help, don’t they?

I was lucky enough to find the driver for my Epson Stylus C80 to be compatible with Vista.  However, it’s going to cost me about $80 to reload it with new ink considering the cartridges have been empty for lord knows how long, it did attempt to print a test page though and very few lines showed up on the paper, so at least I know it works.

So I went poking around on as well as and found that it would just be cheaper for me to purchase a new printer all together.  One that, from the get go, is compatible with Vista and hopefully easier to network so I can view it on the two other XP machines in the house.  I won’t really be able to configure that until tomorrow afternoon when I can get on my sisters XP based desktop but that’s OK considering it’s knocking on 4:30 in the morning right now and I’m beat.

If I’m able to get everything networked properly, it’s just the final decision of going to the store to either pick up $80 worth of ink or $60 worth of a brand spanking new printer where the ink is much cheaper for the refills than the printer I have here now.

Decisions, Decisions…


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