Didn’t spread enough cheer?

LightingThis Christmas seemed rather empty. While I was pleased with everything gift wise, as far as decorations are concerned – I feel as though I gave up at some point.  The only real lighting in the house was around the tree, there were a few candles on the coffee table surrounded with seasonal goodies as well, and there were even some rope lights strung around the porch to give off some extra light.  For me, however, that still doesn’t feel like the full blown Christmas that I’ve become accustomed to over the years.

I’m used to going a bit overboard for Christmas, I’m not talking in regards to gifts though, I’m talking about decorations.  I like having different kinds of lights all over the house, so much so that in my bedroom (even though I don’t live here anymore), the ceiling is bordered with white rope lighting.  Outside there are only a few lights up that we’ve kept up year round, mainly because of how annoying it is to take them down and put them back up every year.  Since they’re so nicely done, however, you really don’t see them the rest of the year to have to worry about it being non-seasonal.  It outlines the porch in a gorgeous way, and when it snows it’s amazing to turn them on and watch the colors bounce off of everything.

Inside the house is typically filled with lighting, garland, wreaths and everything else one could possibly imagine.  I think the only thing we haven’t setup in a while is the nativity scene, we also don’t have a place to put it anymore either – so I’m sure that has a lot to do with it.

Hopefully by this time next year Sean and I will be in our own place where we can go crazy on decorations and recapture the spirit that we both lost this year.


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