Diamonds are a girls best friend….

While I would never consider myself to be a “girlie girl”, I do appreciate a lot of the things that make women tick. I’m all for diamonds and expensive gifts, so much so that I almost fell out of my chair when I found out that Sean was buying me a Journey Diamond Necklace for Christmas. I’ve seen the commercials for it numerous times and every time I saw it I drooled over it. So naturally there should be no surprise when I go poking around on the Internet to see what else I can get my hands on.

I do have expensive taste, I won’t deny that – but what woman doesn’t? Yes, I would be perfectly content with a $20 sterling and glass necklace from Wal-Mart, as long as I know it came from the heart – which in most cases it usually does. I have been known to drol over jewelry that is almost impossible to afford without mortgaging a house (something I wouldn’t permit anyone to do either way). I came across a few listings for estate jewelry and of course I fell head over heals for it, until I saw that it was $48,000. I’m honestly unsure of whether or not I’d even like to own any diamond estate jewelry, even if I had more than enough money to spend on it. The thought of having fine estate jewelry totaling forty-nine thousand dollars around my neck scares me heck out of me. This is also coming from someone who was born and raised in New York – where you learn to hold onto your things tightly. I’d be devastated if I was coming home from some fancy gathering and had it ripped off of my neck.


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  1. what would a girl ask for if not for a diamond necklace, diamond necklaces would always impress a girl–.

  2. Super story it is definitely. My friend has been awaiting for this tips.

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