Could anyone help me?

I forgot to bring my external hard drive up with me and I’m going bonkers without it.  I have all of my yearly earnings on it and I’m working along side my father in order to get my taxes in order.  I’m unsure of what taxes I’m supposed to file this year.  I know that I’ve been in Delaware since January but I didn’t change my ID over until the end of December – so as far as they’re concerned, I’ve only lived out of state for the last two weeks.  I really need to get in touch with someone from H&R Block, or just an accountant in general who understands state tax laws to help me out.

So here’s my question to anyone listening – Do I pay Delaware or New York taxes this year?  All earnings were sent to my address in Delaware, but I was still technically a resident of New York for the entire year.  What do I do?


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