Cisco vs. Linksys

CiscoSince moving has been put on hold due to a massive change of plans, Sean and I have been keeping track of everything we’re going to need when we do eventually move out. As of right now the setup we have with the office and just the computer based items in general is working out fine for us. However, that’s based on the limited space for everything due to our confinement to just the office and the extremely small bedroom.

We know that when we do finally get our own place, whether we’re renting or actually purchasing – we’ll more than likely be upgrading most of our equipment. Right now we’re on a pretty basic network that does crap out on us on occasion because of too many things going on around the single router, that tends to over heat. So I’ve kept a list of a few websites around the Internet where I can find everything from routers to servers, mainly used cisco equipment because I like the quality of their products. Even used Cisco tends to house better quality equipment than Linksys could ever offer.

I like my space, and luckily my Mac and my notebook are both wireless so I do fully intend to search for another place to setup my computers when we move out. Sean can have his own office and I’ll make it a point to take my own as well. I know that a few place we’re looking into all have 3 bedrooms and two baths, so naturally one would think we’d have the bedroom, the office and then a nice third bedroom to be used for guests but I’m all about using a third bedroom as a double-duty room. I’d like to have my own office because of my lack of ability to get into the office on numerous occasions due to Sean wanting his privacy but at the same time I do use Windows more than Mac for my day-to-day things so having my laptop in the living room will solve any issue I have with needing to get work done when we have someone over for a few days – you know?

I’m just confident that going through a Cisco based setup, we’ll have the security and the quality of product we need in order to get the job done.


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