Aww man!

I put in a bid on quite a few different laptops that were in my price range. Unfortunately they all had about a day or so left on bidding so I didn’t win any of them. Part of me is wondering why I was so insistent upon getting an AMD notebook two years ago instead of the Intel for basically the same price. Then I could just wipe Windows off this thing and install Leopard and be done with it. Even Sean’s notebook is AMD, so I couldn’t even offer a trade off. He doesn’t use his laptop so that’s why I’d even make the consideration to wipe his clean – heh.

Either way when I’m meant to get it I will. Who knows, maybe something big will come out of no where and I’ll be rolling in enough money to not only purchase a new battery for this laptop ($100) and then still have enough left where I can drop $2,400 on a fully loaded Macbook Pro…in black of course.


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