When is it my turn?

I should probably stop watching TV channels such as TLC and HGTV.  I’m now itching to do some search into an affordable rate on a mortgage so I can go out and buy the house of my dreams.  As of right now, however, I’m not sure if Sean and I could really handle a very high volume of money leaving our bank account on a monthly basis.  The average mortgage payment is about $800 a month down here, on top of that there’s electric, gas, water, sewer, cable, credit cards, and numerous other expenses that keep us on our toes on a month to month basis.

My only problem right now is I’m seeing beautiful kitchens, spacious bedrooms and cozy living rooms all looking to be purchased by some lucky person and I’m looking around to realize I’m no where near that right now.  I have a king-sized bed in a 10×10 room, it’s cramped but comfortable if you don’t plan on walking around very much.  Is it wrong that my dream is to find a 20×15 bedroom that I can just sit back and enjoy?  And is it wrong that I’d die to have a very large kitchen that houses granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances?

Guess I should get back to work.


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