What happens after that slip and fall?

It’s unfortunate but even with the smallest of incidents, people tend to resort to a personal injury attorney. When it comes to incidents like a slip and fall, for example, I wonder why people can get away with a lawsuit when the only real problem is that the person couldn’t look where they were going. I remember reading an article a few years ago about a women who was in a supermarket and went down an isle that was clearly marked with “Wet Floor, Use Caution” signs. Not just one sign, both ends of the isle had a sign posted on them, as well as a sign in the area where the spill took place. After running over the sign with her shopping cart she walked down the isle and slipped, she broke her hip and then held the supermarket 100% responsible. Her personal injury attorney and her family decided that she should request compensation in the area of $500,000, even though her medical insurance covered more than 90% of the surgery and even the recovery and rehabilitation. Needless to say, since it was based on her own mistake the case was dismissed. I do think it’s unfortunate that she took the fall that she did, but how can you hold someone else responsible for actions you took before and after you read the caution signs.


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