Upgrade from Tiger to Leopard?

I typically send out my Amazon Wishlist for Christmas every year to family and friends because they tend to ask me what I want and it just got to the point where sending it as a quick list would make things much easier on me.  This year I sent it out, as usual, and I’d recently done some updates on it – adding lots of Mac related items so that I can really learn the ins and outs of the operating system.  I’m in love with the idea of being a new Mac user, so much that I’m even considering selling my windows laptop and putting the money towards a Macbook Pro.

I haven’t upgraded to Leopard yet, I’m kind of scared to considering the mixed reviews that I’ve been reading about it.  I figure I’ll wait a little while and go from there.  I’m concerned that the upgrade may effect my warrenty – even though the disk for Leopard was IN the box with the iMac.  I’m really unsure as to why they did it that way but oh well.  Anyway, my mother was kind enough to send me one of the books off my wishlist, or so I thought.  The one that I marked at high priority was the all-in-one tiger desk reference.  In wanting to avoid my being able to see that something was sent to me, she did it seperately and sent the Mac OS X Leopard for Dummies, it’s OK though.  Considering both systems are pretty similar I’m sure I’ll be able to use the reference for OS X Tiger before I bite the bullet and upgrade to OS X Leopard.

Based on what I’ve seen of Leopard though (thanks to laptop mag) I’m really surprised with all of the features it has to offer.  I personally can’t wait to get my hands on it, but that’s because I like to design things and there are window color options and numerous other possibilities that really just seem cool to me.  Maybe I’ll make the upgrade when I get back from New York for New Years, we’ll have to see.


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