Too good to be true

I wouldn’t consider myself psychic by any means but there are certain times in everyones life when they have a dream that becomes a reality sometime in the near future.  A few nights ago I had a dream that I was sitting at my desk and designing a site for someone, now this really isn’t that uncommon considering it’s my day job but that’s besides the point.  I wasn’t on MY desktop, my desktop is very easily found.  It’s this big bulky black case with blue lights sitting on a very pale desk.  I noticed that my mouse didn’t have a left or right click and the keyboard was white.  I was looking at the Mac of my dreams, literally.

The following morning I woke up to find that November’s installment of Laptop Mag showed up on the counter in the kitchen.  For some reason Sean ran off with it and never returned it to me.  The cover of the edition was Mac Leopard vs Windows Vista – so naturally this sparked my interest.  Everything that Vista Ultimate can do, comes standard with Leopard – which comes standard with the iMac that I’ve always wanted.  I’m not sure if it was just wishful thinking or what but getting my hands on a Mac as soon as possible would just be absolutely awesome for me.

I’ve wanted to convert completely over to Mac for quite some time now, but money has only ever permitted me to settle for Windows whenever I ran into any kind of a computer need.  Sure, I could have purchased a Macbook instead of my HP Laptop but I didn’t have the money to re-buy ALL of my programming in Mac format.  When you’re using thousands of dollars worth of programming and design programs on a daily basis – it’s hard to just drop the cash on the Mac version when you’re still paying off the credit card for the Windows versions.


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