Technerds need gifts too!

For the past few days I’ve been talking about holiday gift ideas for friends, family and coworkers. I’ll admit that the bulk of the items are limited to housewares but that’s about to change. My fellow geeks are itching for cool new technology to play with during the holiday season, and for the year that follows, so why not pick them up a gift from

Think Geek - JellyfishThinkGeek offers a plethora of different gadgets and gizmos and contrary to popular belief, they aren’t all that expensive either. Take this USB Snowbot for example, it’s a snowman-robot hybrid with scanning LED eye, articulating metal arms and eerie sound effect. Snowbot is the perfect geek holiday decoration – and it’s an exclusive ThinkGeek original design. It’s USB Powered and you can change the LED Eye Colors to either Blue or Red, there’s an on/off switch for Authentic Snowbot Sound, Rotating Arms and it comes with a USB cable that’s 2 1/2 feet long. At $9.99 it’s the perfect little gift for any tech-nerds desk.

Think Geek - Star Wars Lightsabers Think Geek - Snowbot

And for those stuck in a cubicle year round, they have an LED Jellyfish mood Lamp that houses lifelike jellyfish that swim as bright LEDs change their color and mood. This particular gift is a little pricy at $49.99 but it’s a gift that keeps-on-givin’ year round. And for the ultimate Star Wars fan, you can pick up an official Lightsaber replica for $119.99. Unfortunately the Darth Vader replica is currently out of stock, but you’re still able to pick any other model up – including Yoda’s Lightsaber! Not too bad, eh?


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