Relaxing Weekend

Sean and I used our Comps up in Atlantic City this weekend.  A free room for three days / two nights is always a great excuse to get away from work for a little while.  While we didn’t do that well gambling, we did spend a lot of time catching up on sleep that we’ve been skimping on over the course of the last few weeks.  We’d wake up about 11am and gamble or just relax in general until about 4am.  By 6am we were asleep and by 11am we’d be up to repeat the day.  I’ll admit that on Sunday I was running a bit behind and it upset the maid service but there are just those days when there really is no need for them.  I brought my own towels so I had two days worth to work off of,  I don’t accumulate too much garbage and typically bring my own garbage bag to make it easier on them as well.  The little bags they give you in the room really don’t get very far when it comes to a pizza box or even my coffee cups.

When going up to Jersey, Sean tends to order pizza.  He was born and raised there so moving to Delaware he was instantly turned-off by the lack of good quality Italian food.  So on Saturday night we ordered a pizza, by Sunday we were looking to go to the Cafe that Showboat has but it’s down for renovations and the only other option was their Deli (which sucks by the way).  I met up with my father on Saturday as well, turns out he was staying at Harrah’s for a few days before we got there.

We didn’t win any money, we’re down about $1200 but we did enjoy ourselves so that’s all that matters.


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