Radio in HD?

For Christmas last year, my father bought me a 20″ HDTV and it’s always been a little bit fuzzy but that’s mainly due to the lack of digital cable in the house up in New York. It didn’t change much in Delaware, even though we were all convinced that there was HDTV in the house, but you can’t really predict something like that when you’re using a tube TV in almost every room of the house. Now that we have the wide screen in the office, Sean and I have been looking around for different pricing on new HD quality programming. Sure, we could stick with Comcast but for the amount of money we’d be spending when no one really watches TV that often, taking cheaper routes would just be the way to go for us.

During my search for a new provider, which is leaning towards Direct TV at the moment, I came across where I was reading into an HD Radio Receiver. This is honestly pretty new to me because you don’t think about sound quality right off the bat when someone mentions HD programming. Typically you’d think more along the lines of video quality but I guess I was wrong there. So reading more into this I found numerous information that I thought was pretty interesting. Everything from New York High Definition Radio stations to learning about an iPod dock with iTunes Tagging. There’s a lot of information on this site that really would help any radio lover out. the great thing is that it’s completely free and crystal clear, you’re even open to more radio stations as well. It’s currently available in the US but I’m sure something like this would take off and be available world wide soon enough. It isn’t only music, it includes everything from news to sports and even weather.

Certainly worth checking out.


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