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PFH For the past year, Sean has been working on a social networking site. They’re hoping to launch sometime within the next few weeks (of course I’ll share the URL here when that happens). It’s their hope that the site gets pretty big and once that happens I’m sure that we’ll be taking a few trips out to California because that’s where his boss currently lives. While talking about this in detail we’ve decided that we’re taking three different routes in order to get there, well depending on how many times we’re going out there of course. The first route will more than likely be a nice long drive, I’d love to have my camera with me while I’m going through every state between here and California, maybe even going off route a little bit just so we can get some extra fun time in. Another route would have to be Amtrak, I think it’d be cool to see all of the sights the US has to offer from a train. The final would naturally be a plane, but that depends heavily on deadlines – of course.

During all of this I’ll have Bella with me, and knowing that I will NOT be driving for 48 straight hours, we’ve had to look into numerous sleeping acomidations. Naturally I’ve been searching for Pet Friendly Hotels, closely followed by pricing. I don’t like the idea of staying in a dive that takes pets, lord knows what’s on the sheets in places like that. I just hope to find something reasonably priced and extra pet friendly. The site I found was and based on the immediate statistics of the site, they look as though they’re a fairly new company. Hopefully they can gain some kind of following over time, more than likely it’s the reason why I’m blogging about them in the first place.

I started with a simple search of looking into Dover, DE – it’s one of the larger cities up north. When I typed in “Dover” I was instantly sent to a page where all of the Dover’s are listed, this even included the UK which I was shocked to see. When I see sites like this I assume that they’re only US based, finding out that it includes other countries as well – really makes me happy to know that I can even find a hotel in the UK that will accept my little furball.


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