20-inch iMac

Sean has surprised me with an early Christmas gift. He’s known for quite some time now that it’s been my absolute dream to own a Mac so naturally when money loosened up and Christmas rolled around – he made it a point to go out and buy one for me. Last night he came outside (I smoke outside) to let me know that his computer was on the fritz and I told him to just take my desktop until you can figure out what’s wrong with yours. I have my laptop anyway so it’s not like it’s a big deal, everything important to me is on my external hard drive anyway. He questioned as to whether or not I was truly OK with that, I told him I was and he said “OK, I’ll go set that up now.

He locked himself in the office for a while but I figured that was based on the fact that he was loading all of his hard drives into my case and Bella tends to eat any metal items she can find on the floor so to avoid her having a tummy full of screws I tend to leave him alone when I know he’s doing hardware work. So I’m curled up on the couch with Bella and a book and he comes walking out to say “Hey, look what I did”. I walked into the office to see this sitting on my desk in place of my desktop. He truly did need to take my desktop but that was basically the perfect time for him to set up the iMac. And considering I’m floating around the house all day long it’s hard to figure out just how he was able to hide this from me but I’m happy he did.I’m overjoyed – I truly am.

I still have my laptop when it comes to Windows only related products but I purchased the Adobe Suite for Mac last night and installed that, now I’m happy as a clam. My only issue is finding an FTP program that’s compatible with Mac but I think I might actually take the time to now format things the way they should be through Dreamweaver. CS3 is a really awesome setup and there’s little to no lag when it comes to running ANY Adobe products thanks to my trusty dual-core processor.I have the 20″ iMac, it’s the standard system for $1199, he didn’t go crazy and I don’t blame him. I’m perfectly content with a gig of RAM and if I truly wanted to add more later there’s a panel on the back that I can pop off and then throw another stick in there. Besides, I’m not doing any kind of video editing or anything like that – I just want to use Photoshop the way it was intended – on a Mac.

I’m still working out the kinks, I’m used to hitting CTRL whenever I want to select/copy/paste – etc. Now I have to hit “Command” and that’s at a different part of the keyboard. And this is most certainly the smallest keyboard I’ve ever used. It’s very low profile but it’s very quiet like laptop keys and I absolutely love that. I hate making too much noise, if only my fiance felt the same way – heh.

Anyway, time to play some more – I’m too excited to sit here and blog heh.


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