Organization at it’s finest!

When it comes to running a business, even if it’s primarily Internet related it’s hard to keep track of all of the paperwork. Each client has their own file and I have numerous notes and contracts that I need to keep track of at any given time, especially when I need to pull up someones file for quick work. I keep everything from billing information, login information, contact information, a step-by-step listing of everything I’ve done or need to do for them. All of the folders are organized, color coded and tabbed for easy browsing. I keep both a digital copy as well as a hard copy. So of course you can now understand my need for a terabyte external hard drive. Especially when it comes to design or transcription work that needs to be saved in large file formats before it’s sent over to the recipient.

Today I came across something pretty interesting though, it’s a Document Scanning Service. At first I thought they just scan your item and save it on a computer, which is basically what you could do at home. But what if your document is 300 pages long? It would take you forever to accomplish something like that. This company, Record Nations, doesn’t just offer a Document Scanning Service. They offer everything from disaster recovery and planning to document conversion, media storage, shredding services and so much more. If you have a large database of files to deal with and you’re looking to store them somewhere, or even figure out a way to get them onto your computer – I’d recommend this company.

Unfortunately I have no use for this particular service, but that’s based on the fact that all of my paperwork starts on the computer and it’s printed out as it needs to be. I guess having OCD about my contracts and clients really does pay off sometimes.


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