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Sean and I are looking into a new printer for the office. With limited space, having a printer and scanner seperate can kind of get annoying with all of the extra wires in the room. So we’ve been looking into all-in-ones. I personally would like to own the new Kodak’s but Sean is insistent upon the fact that he prefers a Canon. He’s basically trying to convince me that his printer works better, even though the Epson I was using for years could trump his Canon any day.

Stepping aside from the battle over which one we’re going to get, we know that for Christmas this year we’re going to go through our photo archive and pull out a nice one of the two of us that we can put up on the tree. I found a really cute ornament at Walmart that’s a mini-picture frame and we’re not sure which one we’re going to use. We’re even considering taking a new one and just marking it 2007, then maybe we’ll get a new one every year and have our own special tradition. Not sure how well that’ll work out but I’m sure we’ll figure something out either way.

Anyway, before we can even consider printing up a photo, we’re going to have to edit it to fit into the frame. I also need to get some photo paper so that we can make it nice and shiny. The problem is, we’re still completely out of ink. I’ve been looking to purchase new ink for the past few months but haven’t really gotten around to it. I should probably just head over to and hope it shows up before Christmas so that the ornament can be on the tree for longer than just two weeks or so. I do love leaving the tree up for a while but it’s not my house so I can’t get away with that this year. I figure I’ll have everything taken down by the 5th at the absolute latest.


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