New Toy

While I didn’t accomplish a lot today, I still managed to get quite a few things done.  As far as Christmas is concerned I’m about 80% completed as far as wrapping gifts are concerned.  Everything is already paid for and either here already or in the mail, so I know I’m done with the shopping aspect of things.  Sean is now the proud owner of an LCD-HDTV and rather content with it.  We picked it up from Best Buy on Monday.  It was on sale and the color quality was amazing so there was no real question about it.  It’s a 32″ Westinghouse.  Now, many people don’t even know who they are but they seriously are worth looking for when it comes to LCD’s.  Sean has a 20″ Westinghouse monitor on his computer and when you put it up next to a more expensive 20″ monitor, there truly is a huge difference in quality, let alone price.  The Westinghouse can win hands-down.  The new TV was sitting right next to a rather expensive Sony, who’s known for having “amazing televisions” and the quality on the Westinghouse was much cleaner.  Furthermore, it was about $500 cheaper.

Oh the joy of comparison shopping!


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