New PC for Daddy

I bought my father a new computer for Christmas.  The one he’s currently on now is a few years old, and since he was sharing it with my sister for a while, it was overloaded with crappy programs and files that really began to slow things down.  That and the fact that it’s only like 256-ram on XP Home.  So I went all out and got him a new desktop with Vista, I also went out of my way to get him a new monitor so he could throw out the crappy CRT that he’s been working off of and now he’s going to have a large 17″ LCD to work off of.  The desk that the computer is currently on was built for LCD monitors, but shoving the CRT further into the corner kind of worked over the past few years.  I personally think it looks absurd and why not just upgrade everything?  So about $600 later he’s got a fully loaded new system with a gorgeous new Acer monitor, and the rest is history.


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