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If you’re an at-home worker, running your own company, you may be aware of numerous marketing techniques that really help you to get the job done, especially when it comes to gaining more clients/customers.  What many people don’t realize is that the advertising opportunities are close to endless.  Sure, you can hand out a few business cards, and even take the free route of printing up a flyer with tabs containing your business information for local supermarket shoppers to rip off as they’re leaving the store.  Bulliten boards are a pretty big money maker and they really don’t cost you anything if you already have a printer in your own home and just two sheets of paper (at the absolute most).  So why don’t more people advertise on boards like this?

There’s the chance that they’re wasting money on having banners, cards and bumper stickers created in hopes that someone will see them as you’re dropping them into card bins or slapping them on the cars of friends and family looking to help you advertise your business – even current/past clients can help you out with advertising if they were truly happy with your services.  Then there’s the option of buying banner advertising from numerous companies on the Internet and spending the money on a graphics designer if you don’t know how to work Photoshop yourself.  When it comes to banner advertising, you’re never really sure if you’re getting your point across.  Your particular banner shows up say every 10-250 page loads depending on how many advertisements are also in the rotation.  There has to be another way for you to advertise your business and insure that you’re getting your monies worth…hmm.

Around 6pm every evening the phones begin ringing in house holds across America.  While I personally believe it’s rude to call anyone while they’re looking to sit down for dinner with their family, I can also see the business side of things where things could work out well for someone looking for a bit more.  Figure you get yourself setup on telemarketing lists.  Companies call homes to advertise for you.  The recipient of the call is either upset to the point of going to your site and requesting to be removed from the list, or they find interest in the conversation and are then intrigued to get in touch with you in regards to your services.  Telemarketing and Email Marketing are two effective ways to get your point across, whether or not people actually appreciate the phone calls or emails.

I’m not saying to go out and spam anyone with your information, but it’s a route to look into if you’re really looking to bring in some extra clients and customers.


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