Interested in Publishing?

I’ve never quite understood publishers, but I’ve always been interested. There is so much more involved in regards to Book Publishers than I ever really imagined. Sure, the author(s) write the book and that, for the most part, is the hardest process considering it requires the most creativity but I’ve never been sure of the steps to take after the book is completed. Now, I’m by no means an author so I highly doubt that I’d ever have a book to publish to the world. Heck, I can’t even write an eBook for that matter. So I went poking around and came across a pretty interesting site on How to Publish a Book. With my search, one of the first links to show up was I went through their Process and learned quite a bit to bank to memory and enjoy it later on down the road if anyone ever asks me about it. I’m sure that won’t ever happen but keep in mind that I talk to numerous people who are actually inspiring authors so naturally I’m sure they’ll be looking for some kind of information at some point. It’s worth keeping bookmarked, that’s for sure.


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