How sweet can he get?

PPPSean surprised me with a really sweet early Christmas gift. He knows how important the holiday season is for me so he’s gone out of his way to make it special for me since I can’t be back in New York with my family. While I was doing all of my final shopping at Kmart yesterday, I noticed that he wasn’t really around but he typically gets lost in the Electronics department of any store we go into so I really wasn’t too concerned there. When we got home he told me to look in the trunk and I found a 6-foot Christmas tree. He told me we’ll be taking this one with us when we move out of here so this is basically our first official tree together. Knowing that there weren’t any kind of trimmings in the house we took another quick trip to the store and picked up ornaments and LED mini lights because those are the most cost effective, and they use less energy then the older bulbs. Just because I love Christmas, doesn’t mean I love a high energy bill. Everything is all set up and ready to go. Maybe when I fill things in with all of the gifts and what not, I’ll snap a picture.


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