How do you connect OS X Tiger to Windows Vista?

For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to figure out how to properly network the house so that all computers can successfully access each other.  I’m having a hard time accessing the printer (setup on Vista) from the Mac.  Sean was able to configure XP to work with Vista so that we can print.  There are hundreds of tutorials online to figure this out but none of them have worked, I’m not sure what he did on the Vista system in order to gain proper access to the printer, but he’s still done it either way and I just think that’s fantastic for him.  I’m able to print from my laptop again, which is nice to know.  Unfortunately if I do any real printing it’s going to come off of the Mac OS X Tiger and every single tutorial I’ve read in regards to accessing the Vista-based printer is a dud for me.

I’ve gone through the process of changing all of the access settings, I’ve made sure that the printer can be found through the proper work groups.  After that, however, no matter how many IP addresses I try or settings I configure – I’m still unable to access ANYTHING on the Network (printer wise).  I can’t even access the printer hooked up to XP on Sean’s computer.

What the heck am I doing wrong?

I’m confident that there are quite a few Mac based users visiting my site (my stats can see you, you know?), and there are numerous XP and Vista based visitors (online at this very moment, actually).  How can I connect my Mac OS X Tiger system to Windows Vista Home in order to print?  If you cannot explain the Vista connection, how about Windows XP SP2?

I’m able to view files on the Network, so I’m sure that I’ve done everything right.  I can easily see all documents being shared from every computer in the house, this is both from the iMac and connecting to the iMac.  The printer is a big deal for me, I do a lot of printing and shouldn’t have to avoid doing anything “print worthy” on the Mac just so I can print from the laptop.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


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