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Sean is hoping to follow me down the road of being self employed and registering his business with the state of Delaware. He’s been looking into quite a few resources on how to do this successfully and realized that he’s uninterested in housing his business information with his current web hosting provider. He’d like to start up an in-house server which includes everything from his business website to an email server just so he can store all of his email in house, to be accessed no matter what happens to be going on with the Internet connection to the house.

I’ve helped him search for a few companies to help him out with this search and found a few resources that could help me with everything from email server support to your everyday IT solutions. The one that showed up almost instantly on my searches was fastteks.com, they offer a full range or IT solutions to meet your entire home and business needs. Their staff provides professional, high-quality service at affordable rates in the comfort of your home or business location. I’m sure if it ever gets to the point that we’ll need in-house support, we may consider giving them a call. For now, we’ll work on the in-house support by ourselves. Starting up a business can cost quite a bit of money with advertising and basic setup in general – spending the extra money for something we can figure out for ourselves seems a bit pointless at this point in time. Of course we’re not opposed to it by any means, we’re just the “Do It Yourself” kind of people.


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  1. it is a good idea to start a home based business that reuires less capitalization and as much as possible, less work ‘

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