Holiday’s are fast approaching

It’s finally Saturday, a day when I can just sit back and relax and not have to worry about a damn thing.  All work has been completed, I’m up to date on a lot of paperwork and I’m tempted to just curl up in bed and wait for Monday to show itself.  Unfortunately that isn’t going to be the case.  In order to avoid the final Christmas rush, we’re going to get all of the little odds and ends shopping accomplished.  The bulk of the gifts are taken care of, it’s the little side gifts like cards and trinkets to complete everything that are in need of a purchase.

I bought my father a new computer, as well as a much needed LCD monitor as well.  He’s been using this bulky 17″ CRT for lord knows how long and I think the upgrade to a 17″ LCD will work out much nicer for him.  Figure on a CRT you’re only getting about 15.5″-16″ of viewing space, I think the extra inch will really make the difference.  At least I hope that’s the case.


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