Holiday Gift Ideas…continued

I have some more holiday gift ideas to share from

Microfleece ComforterThere’s nothing in the world that I like more than a huge fluffy bed to relax in, so naturally I’m looking for quality fabrics at affordable prices. So when I came across this new Plush Microfleece Comforter Set, I just about fell out of my chair in search for my credit card. It comes in three colors and just looking at the images you can tell that it’s a big and fluffy set that’s bound to keep you cozy and warm on those cold winter nights. Just imagine falling into plush fabrics that swallow you as you sink into bed with your new favorite book or even just the remote, maybe even one of those Warm Delights to really crank up the heat. Or just you and your significant other cuddling up watching a movie before you turn in for the night. The possibilities are endless, but you’ll be warm and toasty either way.  And at a price range of $40, it’s much less expensive than department store prices well.  I own a blanket purchased from ABCDistributing for $12.99 and it’s not only warmer, but it’s softer than a blanket that I spent $60 for.

ABC Distributing - Craft Storage ToteIf you know someone who’s more of a creative soul, then this Craft Storage Tote would be an excellent gift for under $10. It comes in two colors, pink and blue, and would be an excellent edition to any crafters space. I’ve heard of scrapbook parties, even attending one or two in the past, and everyone came fully supplied with awesome looking bags. I showed up with an old bookbag feeling absolutely horrible. The organizational properties of this bag are enough to keep any crafter happy. For $7.95, it’s an excellent price for a really cool bag. I know that I would greatly appreciate receiving a gift like this. It doesn’t come fully loaded with supplies but I’m confident that whomever you give this bag to will have more than enough supplies to load this bag up with.


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