Hey! Give need that back!

When I come across new and interesting resources, they either excite me, upset me or just plain piss me off.  This is one of the times when I’m upset, but it’s only with myself.  A few years ago my computer crashed, to the point that I couldn’t even save the hard drive and use it as a back-up drive so I could just retrieve my data. I was told, years ago, that it was going to cost a few thousand dollars in order to have the encrypted drive recovered, so I cut my losses and just moved on from there. Now I’m smart enough to burn everything of major importance on a rewritable disk just so I can insure that I’m going to have everything that I need. But there are always those instances of downtime between burnings that really can cause a lot of trouble.

Today I came across Data Recovery New York, now you can use this service from almost anywhere but they’re located in New York. Being as I lost my hard drive while I was on Long Island, naturally I’m kicking myself for not being able to find this service sooner but it’s been a few years and much more important files have since surfaced that are fully backed up on disks, so I’m not overly concerned. Data Hotline has been around since 1994 and their specialty is Hard Drive Recovery, this also includes a Raid Data Recovery Service, Flash Media, Mac Data Recovery, Network Storage Data and even CD/Floppy recovery as well. So if you have important files on a scratched up CD that your computer won’t read, this company will more than likely be able to recover the data for you without any major problems at all. Recovery for a standard hard drive starts at anywhere from $350 to $550 depending upon the situation, Server/Raid recovery you would need to get in touch with them for but anything like Flash Memory or an iPod is a flat fee of $350. So basically, no matter what kind of a crash you’ve had – they can get it back up and running for you.


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