Health Insurance is hard to find sometimes…

While some people believe that being self employed is the absolute best route to take, those of us whom are self employed with no form of health insurance have it pretty hard. Anytime we get sick our business suffers because we’re unable to work to bring in the income that we’re currently living off of. If you’re on a fixed budget then excess spending really isn’t an option, so naturally we’ll overlook things that are truly important. I’ve been looking for a private health plan for quite some time now, unfortunately I’ve been unable to locate a health insurance quote that really suits my needs. The only available option for someone like me would cost me about $400 a month, and that’s almost double my monthly electric bill so why exactly would I go out of my league just so I can be covered during those three times a year or so when I’d actually need medical attention. For me that’s almost as mundayne as picking up insurance for your pets. Sure, it’s a great thing to have for say $100 a month but what does it really cover when you only bring your pet to the vet two to three times per year? So I’ve looked into less expensive routes, and at this point I think it would be cheaper to just move to Canada considering their free healthcare system. It’s a shame that we claim to be a “Free Country” when there really is NO perk to living here what-so-ever.


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