Harriet Carter and As Seen on TV

There are thousands of products on Harriet Carter that just about everyone can find a use for, I personally like to float around the As Seen on TV Products because I tend to see these products on Infomercials all the time. The following are a few of my favorites. They consist of ones that I’d either like to own, or that I already do.

Harriet Carter - Tater MittsMy hubby is a pretty big fan of mashed potatoes. While they’re very easy to make, it is a time consuming process when it comes to peeling the potatoes. Figure you’re making about three pounds of potatoes, you’re pealing an estimated 10-15 potatoes and boy does it take a long time. A product that’s caught my interest is Tater Mitts, it’s a new product and it helps you to peel potatoes in seconds without tools or even a mess. They look like ordinary rubber kitchen gloves but the palms have an abrasive scrubbing surface. You place the potatoe in the palm of your hand and hold it under running water, you rub the potatoe and the skin just falls right off. There are no nicks, cuts, slippery hands or even waste since the gloves remove the peel in a thin layer. It’s even good for carrots. Throw your traditional potatoe pealer back in the drawer for your other veggies, life just got easier. A delux model is also available, it comes with a vegetable slicer and french fry cutter. Prices start at $15.

Harriet Carter - Pie KeeperThen there’s the Pie Keeper, it’s known as the baker’s best friend. House your pie creation in a crush-proof container that snaps tight to keep your creations “right out of the oven” fresh. It can hold a pie up to 9″ in diameter IN it’s baking dish so you can transport or store the pie without ever disturbing a single flake. It’s deep enough for even cream and meringue pies. Even dishwasher safe! At only $7.98 you can pick up a few of them and just bake your heart out.


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