Happy Holidays!

I’m wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, and for those of you whom don’t celebrate this particular holiday I’m wishing you a Happy Holiday season, as well as a very Happy New Year.  I hope everyone is safe and enjoys their time together.

When I finish up with what I’m working on (yes, I’m working on Christmas) I’ll get dinner started and hopefully curl up on the couch with Sean later tonight to watch a movie before we go to bed.  We opened all of our presents last night so there’s really just downtime today (minus the cooking of course).  I loaded him up on the last two released Red vs Blue DVD’s, he also has a few new video games as well.  Mass Effect, Assassins Creed are the ones I got him for the XBox360, and his mother got him Resident Evil 4 for the Wii.   Needless to say he’s hanging out in the office all day – heh.

He treated me very well, as you already know I’m one of the newest Mac users, so much so that I’ve basically lost my windows laptop.  He also bought me a beautiful journey necklace from Zales too.  I’m sure I’ll have pictures of all of that soon, let me get to cooking first – heh.


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