Gift Basket Fever

You’ve just been invited to a holiday party where you and numerous other people are going to celebrate New Years Eve with style.  Unfortunately you’re limited as to how much shopping time you have between this phone call and the actual party and showing up empty handed is considered rude (when it comes to the host, of course), so what do you do?  You head down to your local liquor store and pick up a bottle of wine? No, you spend a little extra money and bring in a gorgeous basket filled with goodies that either the host or all of the guests can enjoy during the party.  Typically gift baskets that contain food items are used that evening but if you know that it will be saved until after the party, make sure you load it up with items that your host can ultimately enjoy in the privacy of their home.

One of my favorite companies to purchase these baskets from are 1-800-Flowers.  I know you’re thinking “Uhm, aren’t they just flowers?” but they really aren’t.  They don’t limit themselves to beautiful stems that smell great, they also have baskets filled to the rim with goodies.  This includes cheeses, flowers, cookies, candy, fruit, wine, and so much more.  This season I’ll be shipping a basket to my grandmothers Salon so that my family can enjoy some fresh goodies for the holidays.  The basket I chose contains premium orchard-fresh fruit and appetizing gourmet snacks.  It includes fresh apples, pears, oranges, a pineapple, mixed nuts, cheese and crackers, a bottle of non-alcoholic vanilla pear cider, chocolate-covered cherries, sausage and dried fruit.  Once the snacks are gone the carved-handled basket can be reused for breakfast in bed or displaying snacks and treats at future events.  It’s only $109 and it should arrive on Friday December 21st and the delivery charge is only $20.  Now, I’m shipping this to a business which has numerous people there at any given time so naturally I took the route of sending a larger basket.  There are smaller baskets available that contain different kind of cakes and candies so take a poke around the site and see what you think your friends, family or coworkers will enjoy.


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