Getting close to finished…

It was a pretty long weekend for me.  I haven’t been feeling very well and we’re still cleaning up the house in order to get everything ready for Christmas this year.  Unfortunately a very unwanted house guest will be arriving on Saturday but for the sake of being respectful, and civil, I’m going to spend the next week getting everything completely cleaned up in the house so that the place isn’t a complete and total mess.

We pulled a lot of boxes out of the closet because Karen has quite a few holiday decorations that I was unaware of.  I’m not sure why she’s so into a white and gold holiday season but I guess everyone has their favorites.  Sean bought me a Christmas tree as part of his gifts to me this season so I’ve got it up and decorated by the front door.  It’s very dull thanks to all of the gold on it but I managed to add some green, red and even blue ornaments that I picked up from Walmart the other day.  Unfortunately one of my blue ones have already broken when it fell off the tree while I was wrapping it with the beads so hopefully on my next run to the store I’ll be able to pick up some more.  I don’t know why but I really like blue tones when it comes to the holidays.  I’m very traditional with the red and green, there’s no question there.  I just like random punches of blue to keep things interesting.

All presents have been wrapped.  As I noted in a previous entry I bought a new computer for my father and I even bought Bella a new grooming set so that I can keep her pretty year round without having to spend $200 a year at the professional groomer.  Sure, when it comes to a quick buzz in the summer I’ll bring her down there but I think I’m capable of keeping her trimmed up on my own, without having to spend any extra money.  It’s a Remmington set and I hear they’re very good when it comes to a long usage life.


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